Blue Centre - company history

My name is Andrew Carter. I've been fixing electronic equipment for over 15 years. Initially it was more of a hobby but over the years it has turned into a way of life, which resulted in setting up of Blue Centre service.


I believe that the customer deserves the best possible service. Keeping this in mind, I try to combine the lowest possible prices with high quality of services performed. My offer is addressed to both home users and medium-sized companies in Reading and surrounding area.


I offer free collection service from customer (within 5 miles of Reading) and most repairs are done within 48 hours after receiving the equipment.


For each service I offer 6 months warranty (twice as long as most companies), so you can be certain that after the service is completed you can still contact me and I will not leave you with a problem.


All repairs and upgrades are made on site in Reading.


Thank you for choosing Blue Centre


best regards,

Andrew Carter




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